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Social Media For Small Businesses

Small business owners and startup companies usually handle all operations on their own. Adding social media to the mix may seem overwhelming at first, but with practice social media will become second nature. The best part with incorporating social media is the visual results overtime while staying connected with consumers. Social media is something that should be a part of every business marketing strategy, no matter the size of the company.

Social Media can be used in multiple ways:

  1. Cheap and mostly free

  2. Great for marketing and running campaigns

  3. Customer service platform

  4. News booster

  5. Improves branding

  6. Multiple applications that fit each businesses needs

  7. Most importantly -social media is waiting for you to use it

So what are you waiting for? Start out by building up one or two platforms at a time so you can focus on how they work. Look at your competitors and analyze how they use their social media. After some research see what types of posts and content best fit with your brand. Pick the outlets that best suit your needs so staying connected with your customers comes easy. If you find that one outlet isn’t working, don’t use it.

Remembers, social media takes time. Unless your business has a huge budget to use to help gain new followers and campaigns, results may not come right away. The most important thing is to stay engaged.

Staying engaged:

  • Connect with people/account users on your Twitter and Instagram accounts by following them. You will get a follow back!

  • Post at least twice a day max to stay noticeable in newsfeeds on your business's Facebook page.

  • Take pictures and post them live when needed to your social media outlets.

  • Participate in group discussions.

  • Promote your events, discounts, services on all social media outlets.

For more tips and tricks on social media for small businesses, check this out:

A Beginner’s Social Media Guide for Small Businesses

Kristen Wurth- The Social Media Diva

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