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Creating social media awareness & strategies for purposeful brands!
Coming soon: Kristen Craves Colorado website to focus on social marketing for restaurants, vacation homes and all things CO!

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Receive social media tips & get fun company updates!

Purpose On Social 

For Your Brand:

  • Let's create a paid and organic social media marketing plan.

  • Run themed social media campaigns.

  • Develop & maintain social media outlets.

  • Track and measure results.

  • Content creation that matches your brand's personality and messaging. 

  • Messaging that identifies with your audiences on each social media platform.

  • Watch your social media following grow and engage.

  • Build and maintain strong customer relationships.

  • Build brand recognition and loyalty on your social platforms. 

Our clients are very different from each other. Together we will create a social media marketing plan that best fits your unique business.


About Kristen Wurth, Founder 

& Collaborators

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Social media is kind of my thing.

I understand the craziness behind the analytics that each social media outlet produces along with how each outlet works. Meeting new clients and learning about their business and industry is just one of the reasons why I love what I do. I specialize in developing and growing social media to help businesses stay connected as a brand. I also get to collaborate with other freelancers to help bring my client's social media needs to life!


Other fun facts:

  • I received a Masters of Arts in Emerging Media at Loyola University.

  • I've been to over five countries. Next stop? Greece!

  • Traveling and networking is a huge part of my life. I'm always planing my next trip or the chance to meet new people.



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We are a group of creative thinkers bringing your social media to life!

Each collaborator has different backgrounds and experiences; from designers, strategic thinkers, influencers to interns.

We can't wait to work with you!




  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
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